The management team at CAT NORDIC consists of:

Our owner and CEO: Krister Claesson
Our owner and sales director: Charlotte Ankerstjerne
Our owner and sales director: Peter Ohlsson


Krister ClaessonKrister

Owner and CEO

Krister holds a diploma in marketing, followed by more than 30 years in the international trade, dealing with home textiles. Through his vast strengths within the fields of trading, production and purchasing and his apparent commercial and market-oriented approach, he has spent much of his professional career as an entrepreneur – both powering his own production, working as purchasing manager in leading retail chain, and in various managerial positions. He brings every part of his professional skill-set and well-founded knowledge about all aspects of purchasing, sales and production into his role as CEO at CAT NORDIC to the vast benefit of our customers and partners.


Charlotte AnkerstjerneCharlotte

Owner and Sales Director

Charlotte holds a master in business administration and has extensive experience in and knowledge of trade, production techniques, design and product development within home textiles. As owner and 2nd generation of CAT AGENCIES A/S, she has played a pivotal role in the company since 1990. Her strong capabilities within management and trading as well as her highly recognized, in-depth expertise of a multitude of markets have given her vast technical knowledge within textile production and have led her to also assume large responsibilities within the business of home textiles in general. Charlotte strongly believes in relationship building as a key element to CAT’s success, and both she and the company are known for their long-lasting, personal relationships with customers, suppliers and manufacturers.


Peter OhlssonPeter

Owner and sales director

Peter has been in the textile trading industry for many years, and his knowledge of production and quality has proven a major advantage in CAT NORDIC’s internal production processes as well as an incredible strength when dealing 1-on-1 with our customers. Having worked within various fields of the textile business since the early 1990es, Peter is known for his superior product expertise, his trading skills and, most especially, for his strong ability to serve the market and our customers with products proven to give them high value for money.